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Why Melio?

Managing your bills and other financial obligations in the modern era can be difficult, but thanks to services like Melio it’s easier than ever to stay on top of things.

FAQs about Melio

How much does Melio cost?

Melio has no subscription fees and is available entirely for free, making it perfect for small businesses and first time business owners.

Are there any contracts or commitments required?

No. Melio doesn’t require any kind of contract or long-term commitment from you. You’re free to use Melio for as long as you want without fear of termination fees or long-term commitments.

What plans does Melio offer?

Melio currently offers a Business plan and an Accountant plan. Both plans are available for free and offer unique features depending on your needs.

Do I need to notify my Vendors when I start using Melio?

Not at all. Melio doesn’t require vendors to have an account in order to receive payment, so there’s no need to notfiy them when you start your account.

Does Melio support international payments?

Currently Melio only accepts payments between US business, and only accepts credit cards issued in the United States.

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