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Why Consolidated Credit Canada?

Consolidated Credit Canada is a non-profit organization that provides debt counselling services to Canadians. As a start, consumers who join Consolidated Credit Canada get access to a free credit counsellor.


Having been in business since 2005, Consolidated Credit is dedicated to assisting customers in meeting their credit, debt, and financial obligation consolidation goals. The importance of education to one's economic success is widely acknowledged by the firm. Credit counselling, debt consolidation, and lessons on budgeting are all part of the service they offer.


Debt management services through Consolidated Credit Canada are offered for a cost. However, the initial consultation is free. Consolidated Credit Canada incorporates its monthly costs into the payment you make toward your debt, and the amount is dependent on your financial situation and monthly budget.

Who it's for

Check out Consolidated Credit Canada's credit counselling services if you are having trouble making your credit card payments and would want to reduce your interest rate.

We recommend Consolidated Credit Canada because...

Pros & Cons

  • Cut your monthly costs by as much as half
  • Get help from a credit counsellor
  • Affordable consultations with a professional
  • Simple and manageable plans for debt repayment
  • Can get you lower rates from your creditors
  • Useful only for unsecured debt
  • Difficult to obtain new unsecured credit later
  • Unsecured account(s) permanently closed

FAQs about Consolidated Credit Canada

Is Consolidated Credit Canada a loan company?

No, Consolidated Credit Canada is not a loan company, it offers counseling services and much more to help people get out of debt.

What is offered on Consolidated Credit Canada's website?

Consolidated Credit Canada has resources such as debt stories, how-to guides, calculators, educational videos, booklets, infographics, and much more!

What if Consolidated Credit Canada's resources don't answer all my questions?

If the resources provided by Consolidated Credit Canada aren’t fully helpful for you, you can directly contact a certified financial coach on their website by clicking “Ask The Expert!”.

Is Consolidated Credit Canada affiliated with any other programs?

Yes, Consolidated Credit Canada affiliates with the Toronto Board of Trade, OACCS, Member Markham Board of Trade, and many more.

How can Consolidated Credit Canada help me with my budgeting?

Consolidated Credit Canada provides free worksheets and financial planning. If all of your questions are not answered, you can contact one of their experts.

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