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Why Consolidated Credit?

Consolidated Credit has been providing its services as a nonprofit credit counselling agency for over 28 years. There have been over 10.2 million people who have used their debt relief service, and they have saved over $9.75 billion in the process.


Consolidated Credit offers a number of debt relief options, including a debt management program, debt negotiation, and debt consolidation services, to help clients better manage and repay their obligations.

Who it's for:

If you're behind on your mortgage payments and worried about losing your home to foreclosure, you can seek help from a housing counsellor.Credit card debt, medical bill collections, utility and service contract arrears, payday and personal loans, and retail shop credit can all be consolidated through the company.


The website offers an abundance of free materials to improve your financial situation. Visit the Consolidated Credit website or call to speak with a certified credit counsellor for free about your debt consolidation and repayment alternatives.

We recommend Consolidated Credit because...

Pros & Cons

  • Getting rid of debt faster is possible
  • You'll partner with a seasoned credit advisor
  • You pay much less in interest and other charges
  • No need to deal with collection calls
  • You can limit the harm to your credit rating
  • Difficult to obtain new unsecured credit later
  • Unsecured account(s) permanently closed

FAQs about Consolidated Credit

Is Consolidated Credit a loan company?

No, Consolidated Credit is not a loan company, it offers counseling services and much more to help people get out of debt.

What is offered on Consolidated Credit's website?

Consolidated Credit has resources such as debt stories, how-to guides, calculators, educational videos, booklets, infographics, and much more!

What if Consolidated Credit's resources don't answer all my questions?

If the resources provided by Consolidated Credit aren't fully helpful for you, you can directly contact a certified financial coach on their website by clicking "Ask The Expert!".

Is Consolidated Credit affiliated with any other programs?

Yes, Consolidated Credit affiliates with the Toronto Board of Trade, OACCS, Member Markham Board of Trade, and many more.

How can Consolidated Credit help me with my budgeting?

Consolidated Credit provides free worksheets and financial planning. If all of your questions are not answered, you can contact one of their experts.

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