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Why Kingsmen Capital Investments?

With OnDeck you can access three types of business funding solutions from one simple application: fixed-term loans, lines of credit, and flex funds.

Funding Programs

OnDeck offers three funding programs for busineses. With fixed-term loans you can grow and invest in your business with a short-term infusion of capital to fund specific projects and purchases to drive your business forward. Lines of credit keep your business running smoothly with reliable, revolving access to working capital to help you manage your ongoing business needs. Finally, flex funds align to work with your cash flow. Pay back faster when sales are strong, and benefit from smaller payments when they’re not.

We recommend OnDeck because...

Pros & Cons

  • A variety of loan amounts & lengths
  • Reasonable rates and no specific collateral
  • Save interest with early repayment
  • Pricing is determined based on creditworthiness

FAQs about Kingsmen Capital Investments

What is Kingsmen Capital Investments?

Kingsmen Capital Investments is a Canadian-based company that provides financing solutions for business enterprises such as small business finance, equipment finance and corporate finance. They pride themselves on having a team of professionals with vast knowledge of the finance industry.

Why should I use Kingsmen Capital Investments?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Kingsmen Capital Investments. Some examples include:

  1. Access to Unsecured Business Financing with funding starting at $10,000.
  2. Access to Unsecured Loans For Homeowners with funding ranging from $10,000 - $100,000.
  3. Access Equipment Financing & Leaseback' with funding starting from $5,000 - $10,000,000.

How much does Kingsmen Capital Investments cost?

There are no costs in signing up for Kingsmen Capital Investments. The cost of financing is depended upon which type of funding you needed. For example, unsecured loans for business has rates ranging from 15% to 29.99% while equipment financing & leaseback' has rates starting at 5%.

How can I get started with Kingsmen Capital Investments?

To get started with Kingsmen Capital Investments, all you need to do is have your personal and business information ready, then go on their website to apply.

Is it safe to use Kingsmen Capital Investments?

As stated on their website, Kingsmen Capital Investments prioritises the safety of personal information by maintaining high quality physical, procedural and technical security. Although they share some important information with external partners in order to provide their services, they commit to ensuring full confidentiality.

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