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Why Mogo?

ClearScore is on a mission to help you get ahead in life by making the world of finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand.

How it works

Find out how likely you are to be accepted for credit in seconds. Build your credit confidence and get a wider range of deals, all through ClearScore. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be eligible for a credit card, loan or mortgage. You could even get lower interest rates after improving it.

We recommend ClearScore because...

Pros & Cons

  • Be the first to know about changes to your score and report as your report is updated weekly
  • Entirely free, forever - no paid or subscriber based features
  • Get personalised recommendations on credit cards, loans and mortgages based on your score
  • Free identity protection and check that your passwords are not stolen
  • Reports TransUnion data only, not Equifax

FAQs about Mogo

How does the MogoCard save you money?

Because you have to add money to the card in order to spend money, you can use it to limit your spending. You’r enot as likely to make frivilous purchases when there are extra steps involved. Some Mogo users have reported spending $201 per month less since using the MogoCard.

Is bitcoin illegal in Canada?

No, it’s perfectly legal to purchase bitcoin. It’s just not recognized as legal tender. It’s usually regarded as a commodity, unless it’s used to pay for a product or service.

Do you have to pay taxes on Bitcoin in Canada?

Yes, but only on your earnings. Any earnings made from your bitcoin are considered capital gains or business income. However, not all gains from crypto currency are taxed equally.

Can I transfer bitcoin that I’ve purchased and held from other services to Mogo?

No. This prevents people for using their platform to launder money, and makes it easier to focus on learning to use their bitcoin and their services.

Who plants the trees?

Mogo is partnered with veritree. They built the best tool for monitoring and managing environmentally conscious projects like this. This ensures that they’re not double counting the trees or anything.

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