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Why TransUnion?

ClearScore is on a mission to help you get ahead in life by making the world of finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand.

How it works

Find out how likely you are to be accepted for credit in seconds. Build your credit confidence and get a wider range of deals, all through ClearScore. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be eligible for a credit card, loan or mortgage. You could even get lower interest rates after improving it.

We recommend ClearScore because...

Pros & Cons

  • Be the first to know about changes to your score and report as your report is updated weekly
  • Entirely free, forever - no paid or subscriber based features
  • Get personalised recommendations on credit cards, loans and mortgages based on your score
  • Free identity protection and check that your passwords are not stolen
  • Reports TransUnion data only, not Equifax

FAQs about TransUnion

What information does TransUnion collect?

To draw up credit reports, TransUnion collects information regarding your credit history along with your personal information.

How is the information collected?

TransUnion saves the information it collects from companies you’ve opened credit with, past and present. This information is then saved against your name on TransUnion’s system and is used to build your credit profile.

Who will be using the information used by TransUnion?

The information acquired is made available to organizations, such as banks, who require it to approve a loan or credit that you’ve applied for.

What could affect my credit score?

Any late or failed payments against credit or monies borrowed harm your credit score. Bankruptcy or insolvency will also impact your credit score even after it has been resolved. However, making regular payments in full against your debt will improve your credit score.

How can I check my TransUnion credit score online?

You can check your credit score through TransUnion online after verifying your identity by answering a few questions. After successfully completing the online authentication phase, you’ll receive your TransUnion Credit Report and Credit Score via your confirmed email instantly.

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