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Why KuCoin?

Coin Classes

The Kucoin platform has 3 classes of cryptocurrency, where class A cryptocurrencies are the most popular coins. Class B cryptocurrency is made of lesser-known coins, and class C cryptocurrencies are rare coins. Maker/Taker fees for class A, class B, and class C coins are 0.1%, 0.2%, and 0.3% respectively.


Kucoin secures its cryptocurrency in cold storage using the Onchain Custodian company. Opening a Kucoin account requires your email address, password, and phone number. However, higher withdrawal limits and other advanced features are locked till the customer undergoes the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. The Kucoin platform offers multiple options for customer support and the Kucoin mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users.

We recommend KuCoin because...

Pros & Cons

  • Many cryptocurrencies are available
  • Advanced trading features
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Low trading fees
  • Traders can earn interest on their cryptocurrency
  • Too complex for new traders
  • Few educational resources for new users
  • Few payment methods

FAQs about

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a secure way to buy, sell and trade digital assets. With over 10 million global users, they strive for technology-driven services to ensure a free flow of digital value globally where everyone can benefit from cryptocurrency trading.

Why should I use KuCoin?

There are lots of reasons why you should join KuCoin. Some examples include:

  1. Access to its buy and earn crypto features.
  2. Access to its spot trading feature.
  3. Access to the Kucoin Futures.
  4. Access to its trading bots.
  5. Access to its leveraged tokens.

How much does KuCoin cost?

Many factors can change the level of fee when trading with KuCoin. Prices include trading fees, maker/taker fees, KCS pay fees and trading fee tokens. You can find detailed information about these prices on KuCoin's website.

How do I get started with KuCoin?

To sign up for KuCoin, go on their website and register. You would need to provide your mobile phone or email, and as soon as this is verified, you can start trading.

Is KuCoin safe?

KuCoin is proud to have one of the best security technology and maintenance teams to protect the platform against online vulnerabilities. They are also continuously upgrading their security systems to ensure all assets and accounts are further protected.

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