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Why Trezor?

The Trezor Model One is ideal for blue-chip crypto investors seeking a simple, clean, minimalist experience, however, it may not be suitable for crypto holders with a varied arsenal of digital assets.

Support for over 1000+ different coins

The Trezor Model One can support over 1000 different coins. Besides the major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, there are over 1000 ERC-20 tokens that can be accessed by enabling ETH.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android

The Trezor Model One is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers, so no matter what computer you use, you should have no issues connecting to your wallet. Android users can also enjoy connection to their Trezor with their phone.

We recommend Trezor Model One because...

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra-smooth setup
  • Accepts 1,000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Clean, simple companion app
  • Supports image uploads for home screen
  • Spotless security reputation
  • Not compatible with iOS/Chrome OS
  • Cheap build quality

FAQs about

What is Trezor?

Trezor is a technology company that provides a hardware wallet that secures storage for private keys to Bitcoin addresses. With their hardware, you can keep your bitcoins, litecoins, passwords, logins and keys safe and accessible to only yourself at all times.

Why should I use Trezor?

There are many reasons why you should use Trezor. Some examples include:

  1. Access to its hardware such as the Trezor Model One and the Trezor Model T for coin storage.
  2. Access to its Trezor Suite to manage your crypto safely and easily.

How much does Trezor cost?

Trezor offers different products, but the main one is its hardware. For example:

  • Trezor Model T cost 249 EUR.
  • Trezor Model One costs 69 EUR.
Products such as the Trezor Model T Backup Pack cost 315 EUR, and the Shamir HODL pack cost 534 EUR. Other accessories start from 2 EUR.

How do I get started with Trezor?

To join Trezor, you go on their website and choose your preferred product from the shop section. Once purchased, it's ready within ten minutes and is compatible with many applications. You can then manage your entire digital identity, such as coins, keys or passwords in one device.

Is Trezor safe?

Trezor has high security in place to ensure your coins are stored and protected from online vulnerabilities. Their security measures include recovery seed, PIN, Passphrase, Trezor Password Manager and Shamir backup. You can access more about these security features on their website.

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