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Why ZenGo?

ZenGo is a software wallet that you can download to your device to keep your crypto safe. Available on Android and iOS, ZenGo crypto is one of the most popular keyless wallets you can get. The fees are relatively low, plus it uses facial recognition technology to keep your crypto secure.


The ZenGo crypto wallet is also keyless meaning you don’t need to keep your private keys or seed phrases safe. Instead, facial recognition technology is used to keep your wallet secure on your phone.


You can earn 8% APR when you lend stablecoins USDC, Dai, USDT and TrueUSD, and you can receive 5% APY when you lend bitcoin, and 4% APY when you stake Ether.

We recommend Zengo because...

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth user interface
  • Buy and sell within app
  • One of the easiest wallets to set up
  • Keyless Recovery Backup storage on iCloud or G Drive
  • Not fully non-custodial

FAQs about ZenGo

What is ZenGo?

ZenGo provides a simple and safe way to store cryptocurrency through its secure, keyless crypto wallet. Through their platform, you can also purchase, sell and trade instantly.

Why should I use ZenGo?

There are many reasons why you should use ZenGo. Some examples include:

  1. Access to its platform to buy Bitcoin and crypto.
  2. Access to its platform to trade and swap crypto.
  3. Access to its ZenGo Savings, a crypto interest account.
  4. Access to its platform to unlock NFTs, DeFi, Gaming and Dapps.
  5. Access to its platform to start getting paid in crypto.

How much does ZenGo cost?

Becoming a ZenGo member does not cost anything. Their transaction fees and interest rates may vary depending on which cryptocurrency. To find out more about their rates, click here.

How do I get started with ZenGo?

To get started with ZenGo, you can download their app through the app store. From there, you can access its user-friendly crypto wallet, which allows you to buy, sell, earn, trade crypto and more.

Is ZenGo safe?

ZenGo's security is unique as they have industry-leading biometric encryption, 3FA authentication and MPC wallet cryptography so that you can access your crypto and NFTs at all times. Additionally, their ClearSign Firewall, effortless recoverability and no seed phrase feature erase the need for complex setups, private manual keys and seed phrases that risk being lost or stolen.

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