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Why Worldremit?

WorldRemit is a leading online money transfer company. It was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed with Co-founders Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe. WorldRemit is now run by CEO Breon Corcora, bringing Ismail’s vision to a global customer base.

FAQs about Worldremit

Are money transfers through WorldRemit safe and secure?

WorldRemit is regulated by the financial institutions of the countries where it’s available. Their website, app, and data are encrypted and protected to prevent unauthorized account login. ID verification is required to access your account. And their security department comprises a team devoted to detecting any suspicious account or transaction activity.

Why would you choose WorldRemit over other money transfer competitors?

WorldRemit offers its services in approximately 130 countries and 70 currencies. The service provider also has a wide range of payment and delivery methods to choose from.

Is the WorldRemit platform more suited to individuals or businesses?

This platform is better suited to individuals who want to transfer funds to families and friends abroad.

How much are the fees to send money via WorldRemit?

Factors such as the recipient’s country and the method used to deliver the funds will determine your transfer fees. But these fees are typically low and usually aren't more than between $1 and $4.

How quick and easy is it to send funds through WorldRemit?

A transfer of funds through WorldRemit usually appears in the destination account in a matter of minutes. But the delivery timeframe will be affected by the way the funds are received. For instance, if funds are physically delivered to the recipient, the transaction will take longer to complete.

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