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Why ShortPixel?

ShortPixel optimizes images for your website to improve its overall performance. You can resize, compress and serve images from CDN. Optimizing an image means that it’s smaller, yet visually very similar to the original image.

FAQs about ShortPixel

What if I have loads of images to optimize?

It’s likely easier for you to purchase several of the one-time packages. This way the amount of files you’re allowed to convert add up. They also state on their site that if you have so many files to convert that this isn’t feasible, you should contact them so they can work with you.

Do I need to convert my existing images?

No. Using the ShortPixel Image Optimizer means that your existing images are automatically optimized. They are saved in a different folder if you choose the backup option, which allows you to choose to restore them. However, if you use ShortPixel Adaptive Images they are never optimized.

If I stop paying for ShortPixel do my images revert back to their original state?

No. They remain optimized. The only way to change them is to choose to change them.

What happens if I use up the 100 optimized images that come with the free plan?

You simply aren’t allowed to optimize more image files. You have the option to wait until the next month when your quota resets to optimize more image files, or to change your plan.

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