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Why Subscribers?

Subscribers offers tools to design push notifications for customers on both desktop and mobile sites. This allows you to engage with your customers beyond the typical email communication. And you can schedule the customize the push notifications, schedule them, and create dynamic or automated push notifications.

FAQs about Subscribers

Is there a free version of Subscribers?

Yes. You get up to 200 subscribers on the free plan and unlimited notifications. There’s also a plan for $24.91 which allows you to get up to 10,000 subscribers, recurring notifications and the ability to schedule notifications. and one for $83.25 that allows you up to 50,000 subscribers and the ability to schedule notifications according to customers’ timezones.

What browsers support push notifications from Subscribers?

Chrome (Desktop), Firefox (Desktop), Safari (Desktop), Opera (Desktop), Chrome (Android), Firefox (Android), and Opera (Android). The browsers that currently don’t support push notifications from Subscribers are: Chrome (iOS), Firefox (iOS), Safari (iOS) and Edge (Desktop).

Does my website need to be HTTPS to use Subscribers?

No. While web push notifications are designed to only work on HTTPS sites, HTTP sites can get around this by using HTTPS subdomains.

Can I use push notifications to create a subscriber email list?

No. Push notifications don’t ask for any customer information when they subscribe, which is why people tend to prefer this marketing tactic.

Can I create an Opt-In prompt on a specific website page?

Yes. This allows your customers to opt into and receive your push notifications.

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