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Why Foxquilt?

Founded on the motivation to bring easy, digital-forward, affordable insurance solutions to small businesses. Instead of one-size packages, Foxquilt develops, underwrites and distributes a complete line of their own commercial insurance products. Built specifically for independent contractors, small teams and partnerships.


Using Foxquilt’s online platform, you will answer questions about your business operations and coverage desires. When you’re finished (which only takes a few minutes), you’ll receive a quote for your commercial insurance. Easily purchase it online by eSigning your terms and conditions, and then pick a payment plan and type. Receive your insurance documents instantly via email! Should you need assistance, a member of the Foxquilt team is here to help!


Foxquilt’s payment processor, Stripe, charges a mandatory fee on every transaction. Otherwise, the only price you pay is for your insurance!

We recommend FoxQuilt because...

Pros & Cons

  • Great customer support with live chat
  • Available in most provinces
  • Online and accessible process
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customizable coverage
  • Not available in Quebec

FAQs about Foxquilt

What Is Foxquilt?

Foxquilt is an insurance technology company that provides affordable business insurance to small to medium-sized businesses. With their innovative technology, they allow businesses to choose their coverages and get their actual policy instantly.

What Makes Foxquilt Unique?

Foxquilt offers customized policies that are suitable to businesses' needs and goals. Their innovative technology and team of professionals allow you to create your policy quickly. In addition, their quotes save up to 35% on your premiums and cut down your policy to only what the business needs.

What Can Affect The Price Of Insurance Covers From Foxquilt?

The cost included in the insurance cover you choose depends on the number of employees, business cash volume past claims and limits you want.

How Do I Get Started With Foxquilt?

To get started with Foxquilt, simply go on its website and explore the different insurance covers. You can then send queries via phone, email and webchat through the website, secure a quote and receive your policy the same day.

Is Foxquilt Safe?

Foxquilt uses market-leading technology to ensure your personal information and right to privacy is protected. Your personal information are collected only for the purpose identifying you.

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