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Why PolicyMe?

PolicyMe is a life insurance company that started operations in 2018. It is one of Canada's best life insurance companies. They offer 10 to 30 years of insurance, which covers between $100,000 and $5,000,000.


PolicyMe has made it easy to access a term life insurance policy by simply completing a 15 minutes online application. They pay your dependents money when you die, which helps you to ensure that the financial well-being of your dependents is safe. You can save along with your spouse in a joint account on the site.


All options on PolicyMe cover children who are stated as dependents at no extra cost. The application process is easy on the site. PolicyMe offers affordable rates of about 10%. It could be more, depending on the plan you opt for.

We recommend PolicyMe because...

Pros & Cons

  • Financial safety for your dependents when you die
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Renewal is allowed before contract ends
  • Provides couples with savings and child coverage
  • Not able to bundle with other insurance types

FAQs about PolicyMe

Is my initial PolicyMe quote the final price I will pay?

PolicyMe may consider a few additional aspects throughout the policy formulation process, such as your medical background and financial situation. As a result, there is a chance that your premium may be higher.

How does the medical exam work?

A healthcare practitioner will meet with you at your preferred location. They’ll take your blood pressure, urine, blood samples and measure your height and weight. And PolicyMe will cover the cost of the exam.

Can I change my coverage or term once I apply?

Yes, you can change the amount of coverage and the term length of your policy before it is active.

My policy is active. What's next?

You will receive policy and account email updates twice a year. This email will contain critical and valuable information to assist you in managing your policy. This includes any changes you may wish to make.

When will I pay?

After you’ve entered your payment information on the website and selected your payment frequency (monthly or annually), your payment will be processed right away.

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