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Why TuGo?

SecuriGlobe is one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada. We work in partnership with a network of more than 1,000 active partners across Canada and represent a variety of recognized insurers.


With a wide variety of travel insurance products, you can customize the type of coverage you need for your peace of mind. Select from plans for young and old, within Canada and abroad, and for Canadians and international visitors.

We recommend SecuriGlobe because...

Pros & Cons

  • Wide variety of travel insurance products
  • Customize your type of coverage
  • Options to cover sports & activities
  • No penalty for changing travel dates
  • $25 deposit option available
  • Full refund if you cancel prior to departure
  • You may not end up needing coverage

FAQs about Tugo

What is TuGo?

Known as one of Canada's best travel insurance providers, TuGo specializes in travel insurance for Canadian residents, seniors, visitors, students and more. Being in the industry for 60 years, TuGo knows every challenge and unpredictability Canadians encounter.

Does TuGo cover COVID-19 within Canada?

While you are covered for COVID-19 through your provincial healthcare plan, it is best if you purchase Emergency Medical Insurance to cover what your healthcare plan doesn't cover.

Can I cancel a policy with TuGo?

TuGo allows you to cancel most policies before or on the effective date, but remember that they might not qualify if you pass the effective date.

Can I extend my policy if I decide to travel longer?

Of course. You can contact the insurance company themselves or go through TuGo's customer service team.

How long do claims take with TuGo?

TuGo works with various providers to gain solutions for your claim. Therefore, it depends on the situation and who is involved. However, TuGo tries its best to process all claims as fast as possible.

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