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Why YouSet?

YouSet is currently only available in Ontario and Quebec, but the company has ambitions to grow across the rest of Canada. They have also teamed up with a number of reputable insurance providers, including Intact and Optimum. In the first step of application, you'd be asked some basic questions about your health and the coverage options you're interested in.


If you qualify, YouSet will utilize your responses to compile a list of coverage options from their insurance provider partners. Last but not least, you’ll select an auto or house insurance plan and, if required, modify its terms to your satisfaction. You will be fully insured as soon as you receive a confirmation email from the YouSet team.

We recommend YouSet because...

Pros & Cons

  • Easily make adjustments to your coverage anytime
  • Helps you identify cheap rates to save money
  • Apply in 10 minutes online
  • Free customer service and 30-minute legal advice
  • Secure platform that safeguards personal data
  • Extra fees from commission as a third party
  • Penalties for cancelling insurance before the due date
  • Only available in Ontario and Quebec

FAQs about YouSet

What is YouSet?

YouSet is a Canadian-based insurance platform that provides simple and instant insurance services, allowing the best coverage possible. You can save time and money by getting your insurance needs, such as policy modifications, renewals, questions etc. and communications with the insurance company looked after.

Why should I use YouSet?

There are many reasons why you should use YouSet. Some examples include:

  1. Access to affordable, customized coverage and cost in less than four minutes.
  2. Access to its free management of your insurance needs, policy modifications, renewals and communication with the insurance company.
  3. Access to a free additional person to your policy.
  4. Access to its 24/7 support.
  5. Access to its referral program which gives you a $50 Amazon gift card.
  6. Access to a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer during your claiming process.

How much does YouSet cost?

YouSet's insurance services are free. They earn commissions from the insurance company when they find you good coverage, meaning your purchase price isn't affected. Customers have saved 29% on average. YouSet's policy cost will depend on your situation. Your first payment is debited every month after your purchase is confirmed. If you decide to cancel your insurance policy, YouSet will charge a cancellation fee which is a one-month payment.

How do I get started with YouSet?

To get started with YouSet, go on their website and provide basic details so they can find you the best rates. Their innovative technology will connect to multiple insurance companies, giving you one of the best offers. You will then be able to customize your coverage and purchase your policy straight away. If you need to make a claim, make sure you have your insurance policy number, a description of what happened, the date and time, and any relevant documentation to make the process faster.

Is YouSet safe?

YouSet prioritizes its client's data by following an industry-leading privacy policy and incorporating security protocols. Their team of insurance and technology professionals has over 75 years of experience which you can rely on.

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