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Why Silver Gold Bull?

Silver Gold Bull is an online silver and gold dealer. Not only will they buy precious metals, jewelry, and coins from you, they sell a variety of metals and offer loans. They help people buy their own bullion and diversify their investment mediums.

FAQs about Silver Gold Bull

Does Silver Gold Bull work with wholesalers?

Yes. If you have the ability to sell more than $10,000 per month worth of silver and gold then they work to provide you with an ample product supply and prices to make wholesale easier.

Can I invest in silver and gold from Silver Gold Bull in my Registered Savings Account?

Yes. They have a Registered Savings program which can allow you to hold silver and gold in savings plans that are registered with the Canadian government.

Can I visit the storage vault location to check it out?

Sure. You can visit the storage vaults to either check them out or to add to them by scheduling an appointment. However, you’re not able to make an appointment for the Salt Lake City storage location.

Does Silver Gold Bull accept cryptocurrencies as payment?

Yes, they accept many cryptocurrency payments. They accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Wrapped Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and USD-Pegged Stablecoins.

How do I buy metals and bullion?

First, create and sign into your Silver Gold Bull account. Then you need to figure out what you want to buy. If you’re unsure, then check out the Current Deals!, Top Picks for Silver, Top Picks for Gold, Top Picks for Platinum and Top Picks for Palladium pages. Add your chosen items to your cart and complete the checkout process.

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