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Why MarketerHire?

MarketerHire is an online services marketplace for freelance marketing specialists and the businesses that need those services. Online marketing has become an essential part of modern business, and finding the right talent for your marketing teams can be difficult.

FAQs about MarketerHire

Is MarketerHire for one time projects or long term?

MarketerHire can connect you with marketing specialists for any project length, although their pricing is more appropriate for long term projects.

Are their budget requirements for MarketerHire?

Yes. Companies looking to hire a freelancer through MarketerHire must commit to a minimum budget of $1,500.

Is there a monthly subscription or long-term fees?

No. The only fees you pay are the rates set by the freelancers you hire.

How much does MarketerHire cost?

Actual prices may vary depending on the rates set by each freelancer, but you can expect to pay between $80-$160 per hour for most projects.

Does MarketerHire require me to sign a contract?

No. Clients are billed weekly and there is no long-term commitment necessary. You also won’t be charged termination fees if a projects ends early or needs to be canceled before it ends.

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