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Why 1Password?

1Password is an app that helps users manage their passwords. It has a very simple interface and the design of this app is awesome! 1Password also gives you options for different types of passwords so you can get creative when creating your passwords.

FAQs about 1Password

Is 1Password safe for bank accounts?

1Password is safe again for bank accounts. If you have more than one bank account 1Password can securely store your banking info such as your account, routing, and PIN code numbers.

How do I contact 1Password support?

To contact 1Password support, visit their website. Let them know what kind of support you need and send them an email via their online form.

Why should I use 1Password?

You should use 1Password to make your online life more secure. Not only is 1Password a place to secure all of the information you can't keep in your memory like passwords and important account numbers, but they also track password security issues and breaches for you.

Can I add a photo to 1Password?

If you are subscribed to a 1Password account, you'll be able to add photos and documents. When you add a new password, simply click the plus sign and select what type of document you want to upload.

Is 1Password worth the money?

1Password is a great choice for keeping your passwords and account numbers secure. 1Password provides great value for the price of an account and is a middle-of-the-road option for password-keeping services.

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