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Why Calendly?

If you’re looking for an online service that’ll make scheduling appointments, meetings, or other events a breeze then check out Calendly.

FAQs about Calendly

Is there a Calendly free trial?

Calendly has a free plan available, but new users can try the Teams plan free for two weeks!

Is Calendly GDPR Compliant?

Calendly is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, and several features are available to better assist with this.

What companies use Calendly?

Over 50,000 companies worldwide use Calendly, so that’s too many to list here. Calendly also has partner integrations with over 100 other companies and services.

Is it easy to transfer ownership of a Calendly Account?

Yes. You can transfer ownership easily from the Users page. Once you designate a new owner, your account role will change to “admin” and from their either the new owner or another admin can remove you from the group if necessary.

How is Calendly priced?

Calendly plans are priced at monthly rates per seat/user. Plans range from $0/seat/month to $16/seat/month.

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