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Why Grammarly?

Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, professional writer, or just a student trying to write better papers, you’ve probably heard of Grammarly before. Grammarly is an AI-based grammar checking software that aims to provide assistance and improve your writing, no matter what the content.

FAQs about Grammarly

Does Grammarly Offer a Free Trial?

Currently Grammarly Premium does not have a free trial. Grammarly Free is available and includes all the essential functions.

Is there a mobile version of Grammarly?

Grammarly is fully compatible with Android and Apple products and has a mobile keyboard app that’s compatible will all newer Apple and Android devices.

How does Grammarly save my work?

Grammarly only keeps a copy of your work as long as it is saved to your account. Once the work has been deleted, the data is deleted from their servers too, so the work remains 100% yours.

Can Grammarly replace a human editor?

Not entirely. You’ll still need to review Grammarly’s suggestions to ensure they fit the overall content style and double check your work for anything Grammarly may have missed.

Does Grammarly support multiple languages?

No. Currently, Grammarly only supports English and English dialects.

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