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Why NordVPN?

NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service developed by Nord Security, a cybersecurity solution development company. The VPN service protects its customers from external third-party snoopers while online, including advertisers, ISPs, or the government.

FAQs about NordVPN

Where can I find the NordVPN server list?

The complete list of NordVPN server locations and other protocols/services supported in each country is available at You can also check for extra info on different server types offered by NordVPN.

How many devices can I use with NordVPN?

One NordVPN account will incorporate 6 devices at one time, giving you 6 times the protection. Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux, NordVPN will shield your IP address and encrypt the traffic irrespective.

Does NordVPN offer port forwarding?

Although port forwarding can work as a helpful tool to unlock new functions on routers, it can also expose severe security vulnerabilities. Due to these potential vulnerabilities, NordVPN does not offer a port forwarding feature.

How can you be truly secure while using NordVPN?

  1. Clear your cache and browsing data in your browser regularly.
  2. Using third-party apps, check for any DNS leaks from your servers.
  3. Choose a strong password to avoid any credential stuffing attacks.
  4. Use the Kill Switch feature to terminate the processes when the VPN connection drops out.

Can I set up NordVPN on a smart TV or console?

You can download the original NordVPN app for your Android-based smart TVs. However, it does not support the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, or Chromecast consoles. These devices do not come with a built-in VPN functionality. You can use NordVPN for a secure gaming experience on your PlayStation as well.

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