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Why Instapage?

Landing pages are an integral part of any modern advertising, and Instapage makes this easy for everyone. For those unfamiliar with the name, Instapage is a cloud-based platform that provides you with all of the tools you need to begin generating and distributing landing pages immediately.

FAQs about Instapage

How much does Instapage cost?

Instapage plans start at $299 per month if paid monthly, or $199 per month if paid annually for their Building plan.

Does Instapage offer a free trial?

Yes. Instapage offers a fourteen day free trial of their Building Plan. Unfortunately there is no free plan available, but you are able to choose between annual payments and monthly payments.

InstaPage have other plans?

Instapage offers custom plans to suit your needs if the Building plan doesn’t adequately meet your needs.

Does Instapage Offer Integrations?

Yes. Instapage offers integrations for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Zapier, Shopify, PayPal, and many other services. Check out their Integrations section of their Help Center for more info!

How do Team Member Permission work?

Instapage allows you to set up specific permission for each member of your team. Viewer s are only able to view the page, while Editors and Managers are able to make more changes to the page.

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