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Why Spocket?

Spocket is a service that connects you with thousands of dropshipping suppliers stationed all over the world. They’ve been featured on Betakit, Shopify, Forbes, Techstars, and Geekwire and have won several awards, such as being named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business.

FAQs about Spocket

Can I contact the product suppliers?

No. As of right now you can’t contact the suppliers directly. This is likely because the suppliers deal with hundreds of orders a day and messages about all of them would be nearly impossible to answer. However, if you have questions about an order or item you can contact Spocket’s support team.

Does Spocket include Customs Duty and Taxes?

No. They don’t figure in these fees to the cost of their products. This means that you’ll have to calculate the fees and add them yourself before you sell the product.

Can I sell to customers outside the US or EU?

Yes. However, because the majority of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the US and the EU, if you sell something to someone outside of those countries there will be extra taxes, higher shipping costs and longer shipping times.

Are orders filled automatically with Spocket?

Yes. When a customer makes an order, their information is sent to the supplier. You receive an email confirmation of the order, and the vendor starts preparing the order to send to the customer.

Once a customer makes an order and it’s sent to the supplier can I track it?

Yes. After the order has been shipped you can hit the “track order” button on your dashboard to track it. It provides you with the location of the package in real time.

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